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SpectralHost.com is a vision of CreativeCore Media, a media, marketing and training company serving the universe from Algonquin, Illinois (about an hour northwest of Chicago's loop).

Our focus is on local clients who need marketing web presence management but are not of a size to have a qualified web marketing manager. We do that for you.

We've been creating and hosting web sites since 2001, however, our computer graphics roots go back to 1974 when we opened the first computer slide graphics center in Schaumburg). We provide top technology and reliability PLUS super professional personal service. You know who is running the show and you can talk to us. You know we're on the case to keep an eye on your site and, more importantly, to help you get the most return from your web presence investment. 

We lease servers from several companies who have proven to us that they are superior providers with at least 99.9% Uptime. By working with a few well chosen providers we can offer you exactly the service and performance you need for your specific web application.

Bob Sandidge, founder and "host" is our resident  marketing and media guru who understands the importance of your marketing image on the internet. So in addition to hosting, you get Bob and his newsletters and bulletins to help you get the most from your internet marketing presence. Anne Ward is a marketing and communications professional who brings creative thinking and exciting ideas to every client and project. To know her is to love her!

CreativeCore Media is a marketing, training, and media group providing presentation, training, and marketing services to a broad spectrum of clients and industries since 1971. www.CreativeCore.com

Serving The Internet Community
 from Algonquin, Illinois near Chicago
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